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Cu Chi tunnels tours by Kim Travel

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1 Cu Chi tunnels tours by Kim Travel on Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:58 pm

How to get there

It takes about 40 minutes from HCM to the tunnels, so there are numerous tour operators (you can book Cu Chi tunnels tours operated by Kim Travel) that run a half-day guided tour of this underground.

Or it is possible for you to go there independently by taking bus No13 at 23/9 station (but a tour guide is needed to enter the tunnels)

Before you go

Think twice because you have to weave through the darkness, heat, stuffy feeling and have a sense of what it has been like during the war.

Check the weather, dry season (December to April) is highly recommended because of lower humidity and fewer bugs.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes in order to crawl into the tunnels.
Bring insect repellent.
Which activities

Having an opportunity to enjoy a short film of Cu Chi tunnels before entering the underground so that tourists have a deeper understanding of how this complex system works.
Giving it a try to fire an M16 rifle at the shooting site (payment is required).
Enjoying some kinds of local food.

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